Worlds of Light and Sound

David Last is an audio and visual artist whose works have encompassed a diverse array of media including vinyl/CD, Imax film, animation, immersive installation, drawings and hand-made books. His art work resides in a number of institutional and private collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA NYC. His music has been released with labels in the U.S., Germany and Japan. He has worked solo and in collaboration with artists in numerous locations internationally, both in gallery and festival contexts.

After 17 years in New York City’s art and music scenes, he relocated to Denver Colorado briefly. During this time he worked with Meow Wolf in Santa Fe NM on their immersive art park The House of Eternal Return, as part of their music and sound design team. In 2015 he moved to San Francisco to build a partnership with house music artist Cherushii (Chelsea Faith). After the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland which claimed her life, his creative focus shifted dramatically. He is now engaged in efforts to support the creative community in the Bay Area and abroad, through the studio he and Chelsea had created, Last Faith Studio.


2002 – Metropolitan Museum of Art – Book work on display from permanent collection
2004 – Lincoln Center – Curated “Synaesthesiologists” for NY Film Festival, an overview of abstract audiovisual art
2005 – Test Portal Amsterdam – Audio visual installation with Benton-C Bainbridge as Synaesthesiologists
2007 – Ryugadou – Soundtrack for a cavern in Shikoku Japan
2009Molecules to the Max – Soundtrack for animated kids' IMAX film. Talking atoms searching the universe in a UFO
2011 – Devotion Gallery – Sprawl (2) – Exhibition of live drawing / audio art
2015-2016 – Meow Wolf – The House of Eternal Return (Main spaces and game arcade space)
2018 – MUTEK San Francisco – Immersive Constructions, a physical audio environment

Discography of album and single releases can be found here.

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